Blackmer positive displacement rotary-vane pumps for handling industrial process fluids, volatile organic compounds, abrasive slurries and viscous liquids.


  • High Volumetric Efficiency with Self Adjusting Vanes Sustain Performance
  • Symmetrical Bearing Support that Ensures Reliable Performance
  • Easy Maintenance
  • General and Heavy Duty Pumps for Viscous Oil and Abrasive Liquids

Blackmer system one heavy duty process pumps designed specifically for the toughest and most extreme environments.


  • Heavy Duty, Solid, Low Deflection Shaft to Prevent Common Vibration Damage and Improve Seal Life
  • Patented System One Labyrinth Seals
  • Centerline Casing Support Legs
  • Heavy Duty Bearings and Angular Contact Bearings as Required by API 610
  • Especially Suited for Waste Treatment, Food and Chemical Processing, Pulp and Paper, Agriculture