Marine & Offshore

Full range of pumps covers the following services for various types of rigs and vessels:

  • General Ship Service Pumps
  • Fresh Water & Sea Water Pressure Sets
  • Cargo Pumps
  • Mud Process Pumps
  • Raw Water Tower Pumps
  • Mud Vacuum Unit
  • Fire Fighting Pumps & Monitors


Water Treatment

We have supplied a total of 197 pumps to Changi Water Reclamation Plant for sludge, handling and utility services. Full range of pumps and auxiliary equipment in Waste Water Treatment process:

  • Influent Pumping Station
  • Primary & Secondary Sedimentation Tanks
  • Digested Sludge
  • Dewatering
  • Aeration
  • Thickening
  • Odour Control
  • Chemical Metering & Transfer
  • Mixing


Oil Storage / Tank Terminal

3 units of Fuel Oil Transfer Pumps

850 m³/hr x 10 Bar c/w 450kW medium voltage motor

Typical pumps supplied to tank terminals are:

  • Loading / Unloading Pumps for Various viscosities of oil product (Capacity up to 3000 m³/hr)
  • Stripping Pumps
  • Waste Oil / Rainwater Sump Pumps


Pharmaceutical / Chemical / Petrochemical

Acidic Waste Water Filter & Pump System

Range of our pumps that are supplied to Pharmaceutical / Chemical Industries:

  • Transfer Pumps for wide range of chemicals using Metallic & Corrosion Resistance, Plastic Pumps, Sealed or Seal-less type
  • High Temperature Applications
  • Precision Transfer / Chemical Metering
  • Utility Service


General Industries

Range of Pumps & Engineered products that are currently being used in power plants, refineries, lube oil blending plants, bulk handling, food & beverage and others.

NOx Scrubber Recirculation Pump
1000 m³/hr x 18m

Ammonia Unloading Compressor
Complete w/ Liquid Trap & Control Panel
24 m³/hr x 9 Bar (Normal)/15.9 Bar

Cooking Oil Transfer/Metering System
Complete with Controls & Flowmeter
39.5 m³/hr x 2 Bar

Core Products

(unmanned and fully automated)


Mectron’s Intelligent series of Hydrophore will ensure that you have water at sufficient amount and pressure at all times for your potable and sanitary water usage. It can also serve as a fire pump jockey system.

Each unit is pre-wired, factory set and tested before delivery. Therefore the end-user is only required to perform 3 simple steps of Plug, Connect and Operate. They will only need to plug in the power supply, connect the inlet/outlet pipes & air supply and the unit will be ready for operation.

The Intelligent series of Hydrophore comes in 3 ranges:

  • Compact
  • Standard
  • Customised


(for ballast pump service)
(Hidrostal – brand)

The HIDROSTAL® submersible motors are specially developed to drive pumps in marine/offshore installations which are subjected to submergence. Motors are designed for a submergence depth of up to 40m below water level. The motor can be installed while it is fully submerged or operated in a dry installation. It will provide full power at SI rating.

For dry installation, the motor is cooled by a separate cooling circuit or the motor can be over-dimensioned to be sufficiently cooled by the surrounding air and the motor independent oil cooling circuit.