valves-weyThe SISTAG WEY knife gate valve, of a unique valve design, assures life-long reliability and bubble-tight shut-off attributed to the joint action of various factors during the closing stage.


  • tight shut-off by sealing function on the lateral gate side
  • gate guides on full stroke length
  • knife-like gate that shears off remaining solids
  • enlarged flushing corners prevent jamming during closure
  • transverse seal eliminates stuffing box ensuring no leakage to atmosphere
  • minimized chest area prevents solid build-up/jamming
  • by tightening packing screws without system shut-down provides cost savings in maintenance.

The Penstocks are designed to DIN 19569-4, with frame to be embedded in concrete channel wall or wall mounting.


  • welded construction
  • stainless steel frame
  • two lipseals arrangement with scraper in front of transverse seal